A simple philosophy and relentless pursuit

Quality Green is a privately-owned, ACMPR-licensed producer that aims to consistently deliver the highest quality medical cannabis.

Through the expertise of the operations team, Quality Green strives to optimize cannabis production efficiency while upholding best practices and quality standards.

Quality inside and out.

It starts with founders who value legacy over bottom line. Building a sustainable business model where cannabis and the people that grow it are cared for. This comes from a place of mutual respect and interest for these lifelong friends for whom this is not simply a business venture, but a passion project to nurture from the ground up.


Long term legacy is born of care for what is created, as the product of intrinsic care for what is used in the making. Green initiatives weigh in throughout the decision-making process, while keeping operations lean and efficient to achieve the best outputs possible. These concepts are embodied in the automation of environmental factors and incorporation of energy saving initiatives.

100% Canadian grown.

Quality Green cannabis is grown just outside of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. A careful selection process is deployed to cultivate the most desirable, premium cannabis. By focusing on lean technologies and plant genetics, research and development works in symbiosis to the tiered phases of company expansion.

And growing.

Within the next two phases of expansion, annual licensed production capacity is anticipated to grow exponentially by 2019.

Our team of progressive leaders bring insight from years of collective experience in many facets of the industry.